This video depicts a skater performing the camel spin, then transitioning into a catch-foot camel spin.

Firstly, when she pushes onto her entrance edge (on her left foot), she keeps both arms in front of her with her hands clasped and level with her chin; her back stays flat horizontally, and her skating knee is bent. There are many ways to do a camel spin, and keeping the hands clasped helps skaters bring their right side through while also checking their left shoulder. She holds the entrance edge for three quarters of a circle before straightening her skating leg and opening her arms.

In the camel spin position, she keeps her palms facing upward, as if holding cupcakes in either hand, which prevents her shoulders from rolling inward and dropping her weight forward. This helps her balance with her back and free leg arched upward. Additionally, the skater’s back stays flat horizontally, and she holds her arms parallel to the ice. She keeps her free foot flexed, helping straighten her leg and lock her knee. Her right hip is stacked above her left hip.

Next, the skater performs the catch-foot-camel by bending her free leg (this skater’s right leg) and grasping her blade with the opposite hand. She keeps her free leg parallel with the ice while bending it, avoiding letting it droop downward.

Finally, when she has finished, she brings her free leg and arms around so they point in front of her, then steps onto her right leg and exits. 

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