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Whether it’s the graceful lines of a Biellmann, the speed and energy of a flying camel, or the simple joy of a perfectly centered scratch spin, nothing defines the artistry of skating like a well-executed spin.


Discover Our Story

Kim Ryan, Spinergy’s creator and founder, is the Pacific Northwest’s premiere figure skating spin specialist. Inspired by the creativity and individuality students are able to express through spins, and seeing the new emphasis being placed on spins in competition and judging, Kim wanted to create a curriculum that would provide a focused and energized approach to both the art and mechanics of spinning. Her unique Spinergy program helps skaters grow aptitude, appreciation and creativity.


Dream Team

Looking for the perfect seminar for your skaters? Reach out to Kim or Phillip with any questions you may have or to schedule your Dream Team Seminar.


Spin Training Board

This training board mimics the rocker of the blade and provides a convenient, effective way for skaters to continue training their spins, air positions, and even jumps off the ice.



Private Instruction

Kim Ryan offers private instruction opportunities in 15-minute increments at participating rinks throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Facetime Instruction

For students located in other parts of the globe, Kim Ryan offers her very popular and effective Facetime instruction sessions, also available in 15-minute increments.

Spinergy Clinics

Kim Ryan can tailor on-location Spinergy Seminars to be held at any rink, anywhere. Interested clubs can choose from 1-, 2- or 3-day seminars.

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Our Happy Clients

There’s no better way to showcase the results of Spinergy than to share the testimonial of it’s participants:

Phillip Mills

World & Olympic Choreographer

I have written college recommendation letters for students at some of most esteemed universities, like Columbia, Harvard, NYU, UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt and many others. This is not a task I have entered into without realizing that integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of any recommendation. When I was asked to write a testimonial for my dear friend and colleague of over thirty years I did not hesitate. Kim Ryan Lewis although extremely skilled as a spin specialist is more importantly a gold medalist person of the highest character that any coach or parent would be so fortunate to have working with their skater. Any act of physical sport must come from a sound technical background and experience. Kim has developed her method of Spinergy to insure success for every skater that uses her technique from Pre Preliminary through Senior. Over the years I have worked with so many accomplished coaches and I have to say Kim Ryan Lewis is one of the top spin specialist in the world of figure skating. Kim exemplifies the skill, experience, motivation and drive of any Ivy League University.

Holly Dau

Braemar City of Lakes Figure Skating Club President

We have been fortunate enough to have Kim visit our club on a semi-regular basis through the year. Her lessons, analysis and continued progress with skaters has been visible in their on and off progress with spin techniques. Our skaters (and coaches) enthusiastically request her visits and the results have been appreciated by our coaching staff and skaters alike. From the beginner skater to our highest level competitors, Kim’s techniques have been utilized, practiced and much appreciated as is her investment in the improvement of each skater. We love having Kim visiting Braemar!

Katrina Stewart

Bellingham Sportsplex Skating Director

Kim Ryan has been pivotal to the success of my program. Her Spinergy Theory has developed my skaters not only into strong spinners, but into more well rounded skaters. Kim has worked for the Bellingham Skating Academy for 10 years teaching our Elite Spins class and providing private instruction. We have held numerous Spinergy Clinics at our facility and all our skaters and coaches attending have come away with new ideas and a better knowledge of spins and the importance of their role in our IJS system