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Whether it’s the graceful lines of a Biellmann, the speed and energy of a flying camel, or the simple joy of a perfectly centered scratch spin, nothing defines the artistry of skating like a well-executed spin.

Kim Ryan, Spinergy’s creator and founder, is the Pacific Northwest’s premiere figure skating spin specialist. Inspired by the creativity and individuality students are able to express through spins, and seeing the new emphasis being placed on spins in competition and judging, Kim wanted to create a curriculum that would provide a focused and energized approach to both the art and mechanics of spinning. Her unique Spinergy program helps skaters grow aptitude, appreciation and creativity.

Through collaboration with partnering freestyle coaches and clubs, Kim’s instructional style enhances her students’ overall training program and supports them in reaching their skating goals. As her students can testify, Spinergy works! Many of her skaters compete at the regional and national level but Kim welcomes students of all ages and abilities. Whether you are 6 or 60, a beginner or Gold level, Spinergy will give your spins the boost they need! To learn more or schedule a lesson, contact Kim now. LEARN MORE ABOUT COACH KIM >

In 2005 Kim Ryan decided to focus her coaching skills into one area of figure skating–SPINNING. Kim felt the discipline of spinning was always at the core of her strength as a coach, and she was inspired by the creativity and individuality students were able to express though spins. In addition, spins were gaining new focus and attention with judges everywhere. At this time, very few coaches specialized in spinning. Kim saw the need for a proficient, focused and energized approach to both the art and mechanics of spinning and developed a curriculum she named “Spinergy” to accomplish this goal.
In 2008, Kim Ryan launched and trademarked her “Spinergy” seminar series. Spinergy seminars cover everything from spinning basics, to IJS judging standards to better test and competition results. Each seminar is organized to utilize the latest techniques, trends and spin design to empower, inspire and deliver better performance results for the competitive skater. Spinergy seminars can be set up in 1-, 2- and 3-day formats to be conducted on one of Kim’s Puget Sound-based rinks or at a destination of your arrangement.  LEARN MORE ABOUT SPINERGY SEMINARS >
There’s no better way to showcase the results of Spinergy than to share the testimonial of it’s participants: “Kim Ryan has been pivitol to the success of my program. Her Spinergy Theory has developed my skaters not only into strong spinners, but into more well rounded skaters. Kim has worked for the Bellingham Skating Academy for 10 years teaching our Elite Spins class and providing private instruction. We have held numerous Spinergy Clinics at our facility and all our skaters and coaches attending have come away with new ideas and a better knowlege of spins and the importance of their role in our IJS system.” –Katrina Stewart, Bellingham Sportsplex Skating Director.  VIEW MORE TESTIMONIALS >

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What is a camel spin?

The camel spin is a spin which is done on one leg with the non-skating leg, or free leg, extended backward with knee higher than hip level. The body remains in this "spiral" position while spinning.

What is a flying spin?

A flying spin is a spin in which the entrance is a jump. No rotation on the ice is permitted before the take-off.

What is a layback spin?

Generally performed by women, the layback spin involves an upright spin position where the head and shoulders are dropped backward and the back arches.

What is considered a "difficult spin variation of position"?

A difficult spin variation of position is a movement of the body part, leg, arm, hand or head which requires physical strength or flexibility and that has an effect on the balance of the main body core. Only these variations can increase the Level. There are 11 categories of difficult variations, among them 3 in camel position based on direction of the shoulder line: camel forward (CF) – with the shoulder line parallel to the ice; camel sideways (CS) – with the shoulder line twisted to a vertical position; camel upward (CU) – with the shoulder line twisted more than vertical position. If the free leg drops down for a long time while preparing for a difficult camel variation, the corresponding Level feature is still awarded, but the Judges will apply the GOE reduction for “poor/awkward/unaesthetic position(s)”. The same reduction will be applied if it takes a long time for the skater to reach the necessary basic position.

What are the requirements for “change of foot executed by jump” & “jump within a spin without changing feet”?

These are awarded only if the skater executes 2 revs in a basic/non-basic position before the jump, reaches a basic position within the first 2 revs after the landing and keeps this basic position at least for 2 revs.

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