The skater in this video demonstrates a sit spin. Notice how far forward she leans during the entrance edge after she pushes onto her left foot; this is necessary for achieving the correct balance in a sit spin. She holds her left arm straight in front of her along this edge with minimal movement; once she has reached the sit spin position at 0:04, her right arm has moved round to meet it.

In the sit spin, the free leg (this skater’s right leg) position can be bent or straightened according to the skater’s personal preference. However, the thighs should be pressed together to ensure an optimal position.

Finally, when the skater is finished, she rises with her arms and free leg (right leg) in front of her, and then steps back swiftly into a landing position. It is important not to perform unnecessary rotations in the upright position once finished with the spin; additionally, the skater should maintain good posture with their arms and free leg stretched out as they exit the spin.

For those learning how to do a sit spin, exercises like dips and shoot-the-ducks can allow practice of this position. A dip is simply a two foot glide, squatting low and keeping the chest and chin over the knees and toes. Once established, the skater can slide their skating foot (commonly the right foot) forward into a shoot-the-duck (meaning the sit spin position). This position can be held while gliding down the ice, and is clearly visible at 0:04 in the video.  

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