Hear From Valuable Clients

I have had the honor of working with Kim at many different stages of my life. I started working with her at a young age when I was competing and now have the opportunity to work with her as an adult both as a student and beginning my career in coaching. Each stage has enlightened me to something different. Spinning has never been my strength in skating. As a kid, Kim pushed me to fight through the emotional struggles and continue to work hard through them. I am now working to finish my freeskate tests and we are now able to take a step back and break down each spin step by step. Having Kim as a coach, a friend and a mentor has had such a huge impact on my love and knowledge of such a beautiful sport.
Denae Steffan
My name is Karen Siedenburg, I am 17, and skate at the Senior level. Since I started taking lessons from Kim Ryan, about ten months ago, my spins have never been better. Kim is amazing. She is incredibly fun to work with, has a wealth of knowledge about spins, and a lot of successful, tried-and-true techniques. This past year I made it to the 2015 Pacific Coast Sectionals as a senior lady and I wouldn’t have made it that far if it had not been for Kim working on my spins. My spins are faster, more centered, and more consistent in quality. I am learning how to take a spin that doesn’t start out very well and make it a good one. I also am learning spins that I never would have learned without her; she is expanding my abilities. She has a great standard for quality and never gives up on me even if it takes me a while to get a spin. Kim really pushes me to do better in the best way possible and at the right moment. I have found her really personable and very caring of me and how I am feeling. I love taking lessons from her and am not quitting any time soon!
Karen Siedenburg
Our work with Kim Ryan put us on the track to meet personal achievements and goals. We saw immediate results, and the working environment was always a pleasure. What we appreciate the most about Kim is her ability to communicate clearly and effectively to her students; encouraging growth, confidence, and a healthy attitude.
Skater Parent
After starting to take spin lessons from Kim Ryan in March of 2014, my spinning ability has greatly improved. She has been able to enhance the speed, positions and quality of my spins greatly and through her teaching I have come to a better understanding of spin basics. She has been able to teach me spins that I never thought were possible for me to do that I now can do well. Taking lessons from her has been really fun. Kim has a fun personality that is enjoyable to be around. Her instruction is very interesting and very helpful. I know I can trust her technique and opinions. It’s amazing how much progress my spins have made since I began to take lessons from her. I am so glad I have her as a coach!
Sarah Siedenburg
I first met Kim 6 years ago when I began teaching for the Washington Ice Skating Association at OlympicView Arena and Lynnwood Ice Center outside of Seattle Washington. As her co-worker I was blessed with the opportunity to gain knowledge from her as I observed her clinics she put on for LTS as well as Elite level skaters. Three years ago, I became the WISA Figure Skating Director and developed an even closer working relationship with Kim. She cares so much about her skaters as well as all skaters within her view. She will work with any and all level of spinner and get the absolute best out of them. She has an amazing personality that simply sparkles when you talk to her. Both Olympic View Arena and Lynnwood Ice Center are blessed to have her as a staff coach as her willingness and eagerness is contagious. As a Skating Director as well as a fellow coach, we are lucky to have Kim.
Patti Brinkley
Kim Ryan is an enthusiastic and innovative spin coach. She specializes in simple techniques that your students will be able to easily apply while enjoying how to spin stronger than ever. Her flare and fun nature is infectious! I would recommend Kim for seminars and private lessons to help achieve your spinning goals.
Caryn Kadavy
I have seen and experienced the difference that Kim’s work has made in my skaters’ spins. There is an overall improvement in all basic spins and rotational speed. In addition, they are have been introduced to new spins and combinations. Most importantly, the kids have loved their lesson time with Kim. Their commitment to the exercises presented by Kim and the daily practice, have made such a difference in their spins!
Lisa Ware
Director at Kingsgate Ice Arena
Several of the kids I work with take spin lessons from Kim. I am always impressed with her ability to produce results in skaters of all skill levels, and since I am lucky enough teach alongside her, I see those results first hand every day! Her knowledge and expertise in the field of spins is first rate. The kids love her and really gain a lot from the experience of working with her. Their gain does not just stop at spinning either. The quality of skating that Kim gets out of her spinners transfers over to other aspects of their skating as well. A stronger understanding of edges, power, core control and flexibility along with mental and emotional strength, all boost their overall quality and understanding of skating in general. All of this and more helps make them stronger, smarter skaters.
Justin Biringer
As a figure skating spin specialist, Kim Ryan has been a fantastic addition to iCoachSkating.com. Kim is energetic and positive and she provides specific and detailed information for improving spins. After shooting some video of Kim’s Spinergy clinic and publishing only a small fraction of that on our site, our subscribers have raved about her simple and effective techniques. The biggest compliments have been related to Kim’s ideas on spin entrances and centering, which apply to all skaters and coaches. The “skinny V” was something of a sensation for our subscribers, with many getting immediate results by using it. One subscriber said, “Wow! Did try it myself……..it worked amazingly well……skinny V…and the rest….Thank you!” Another said, “All of my beginning spinners are loving the skinny V. They are sharing and working together. Great tip!” Kim clearly understands the theory of spinning and is able to convey this understanding with simple, actionable advice and tips that work for basic spins as well as advanced and complicated spins. Thank you Kim, for all you do for skating!
Trevor Laak
Skating Coach and Founder of iCoachSkating.com
Kim Ryan has been pivotal to the success of my program. Her Spinergy Theory has developed my skaters not only into strong spinners, but into more well rounded skaters. Kim has worked for the Bellingham Skating Academy for 10 years teaching our Elite Spins class and providing private instruction. We have held numerous Spinergy Clinics at our facility and all our skaters and coaches attending have come away with new ideas and a better knowledge of spins and the importance of their role in our IJS system.
Katrina Stewart
Bellingham Sportsplex Skating Director
Kim Ryan offers concrete step-by-step methodology, memorable analogies and great personal energy in her specialty of spinning. Our skaters have greatly benefitted from her excellent instruction and wise personal insight. We plan to have her visits be a consistent part of our training!!
Page Lipe
Founder/Director SportQuest Skating Academy – Parade
Kim has come to Braemar twice in the past year. We love her energy and expertise in teaching spins. Her system is easy for the skaters to understand and she was able to make immediate improvement for the skaters. We plan to continue educating our skaters to become excellent spinners!
Kathleen Gazich
Director, Braemar Skate School