Kim Ryan

Kim Ryan

spin specialist


Kim Ryan is an internationally recognized figure skating spin specialist with 45+ years of elite coaching experience. Trained by legendary coach, John Nicks, Kim formed a work ethic, competitive drive, and love for the sport in her formative years. She went on to become a highly respected figure skating coach for decades in the Pacific Northwest.

Over the years, Kim’s passion for coaching took an organic turn toward “spin specialization”—driven in equal parts by changes in the sport AND her natural affinity for teaching spins. As judging and scoring systems elevated the importance of spins within the overall competitive outcome, other coaches, parents, and skaters took note that Kim’s students consistently outperformed other skaters when it came to spins. She became sought after by local, national, and even international coaching communities to help students of all levels improve the creativity, difficulty level, and polish of their spins. This shift in focus–from figure skating coach to “spin specialist”–has been a game changer for Kim’s career, and for the sport as well. It allows Kim to do what she does best: polishing the creativity, beauty and detail of spins–from head to toe and everything in between.

It has been a decade since Kim launched and trademarked her “Spinergy” Clinic series. Spinergy Clinics bring Kim’s unique spin specialization to a global audience. Participating clubs and students from around the world benefit from Kim’s on-site training clinics–which utilize the latest techniques, trends, and spin design to empower, inspire, and deliver better competitive performance results. Her coaching style works equally well in private settings and in large group clinics. Designed to enhance the training and curriculum of partnering freestyle coaches and clubs, Spinergy clinics work in professional collaboration to grow aptitude, appreciation, and a creative approach to spinning—covering everything from spinning basics, to IJS judging standards, to better test and competition results. Spinergy clinics have been held from Sweden to Miami…Minneapolis to Boston… Seattle to Illinois and more! (Most recently at Skate Canada Ice Summit 2021.

Spinergy clinics are supported by a robust website (kimspinergy.com) featuring current news, video tutorials, audio-visual content, and printable instructional materials. Continually pushing the envelope to bring her energetic and supportive teaching philosophy to students in new and unique ways, she has pioneered “facetime” lesson capabilities, and recently, off-ice Spinergy spin-board training and video tutorials to build strength and confidence for spins, moves-in-the-field, and even jumps (learn more at kimspinergy.com/shop).


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