This sequence of videos demonstrates the progression of exercises for the death drop.

Importantly, the death drop has three axes, or three key center lines. For skaters who spin counter-clockwise, first the body is vertical as the right leg is kicked forward. Second, the skater moves into a horizontal position like the camel spin. And lastly, the skater transitions into the back sit spin position.

The left arm should be kept straight in front of the chest with the left thumb pointing toward the ceiling throughout the whole process to help stabilize each of the positions, because the death drop begins with an upward, jumping motion that is more like an axel (or a double axel) than the circular whip of a flying camel. Letting the left arm swing across the body is a common mistake; the left arm should stay in front, and the left side of the body should lead into the death drop.

The entrance edge to a death drop is a flatter curve; a tight arc will result in less initial ‘fly’ or height, while a longer arc results in the desired fly, which leads to the snap into the back sit position. Another common mistake is swinging the free leg around like a flying camel; it should instead pass up and through, as if the legs were a pair of scissors.

After the fly, the skater snaps their hips into the back sit position; this mimics the inside edge entry to a regular back sit spin.

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