Welcome to Spinergy, a Website dedicated to figure skaters who want to be better spinners. I am so excited to be launching my first site, and sharing my love of spinning with you! Why just spins, you ask and not jumps or footwork or choreography? Although I can teach anything, spins are my passion.

To me nothing else defines the beauty and discipline of figure skating as much as the spin. The other elements are important too, of course, but a well-executed spin can make the difference between a good program and a winning program.

My Journey

I never planned on teaching spins exclusively. It just happened…my students were doing well competitively because of their spins. Coaches started bringing their students to me, saying that the student was competitive except for their spins and could I help? I was shocked but soon not only was I getting more requests from coaches and students for spin lessons, but I was being asked to put on spin clinics and workshops around the country. And from there it took on a life of its own. Now with the advent of new technology, I am teaching students all over the world through FaceTime.

2015 Spinergy Clinic - Bellingham, WA
2015 Spinergy Clinic – Bellingham, WA

Students of all ages and abilities come to me because they love to spin, hate to spin, are scared to spin or are struggling with spins. My goal is to not just help them improve their spins, but to have them walk away (or skate away!) wanting to do more spins because they enjoy it as much as I do.

I have been a skater and coach for most of my life, and it has been my love of the sport, and the people I have met on and off the ice that continue to feed my energy and inspire me to do what I do. I have always wanted to share that energy with others, for them to truly experience the sheer joy of skating. For 40 years I have been blessed to do this through teaching – and now, I am excited to say – through this Website.

I hope you will take a moment to tour the site and check out some of its great features, including our “Spin of the Week” video, monthly Spinergy blog and the calendar of events. Schedule a lesson with me at your nearest rink either in person or through FaceTime. Hone your spin skills with the latest tips and information, links to experts and instructional videos. Enjoy our gallery of spin photos and join the conversation with other skaters and coaches on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest sites. And be sure to check back each week for exciting new updates!

Wishing you a Spinergetic Day!


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