Patty Brinkley

I first met Kim 6 years ago when I began teaching for the Washington Ice Skating Association at OlympicView Arena and Lynnwood Ice Center outside of Seattle Washington. As her co-worker I was blessed with the opportunity to gain knowledge from her as I observed her clinics she put on for LTS as well as Elite level skaters. Three years ago, I became the WISA Figure Skating Director and developed an even closer working relationship with Kim. She cares so much about her skaters as well as all skaters within her view. She will work with any and all level of spinner and get the absolute best out of them. She has an amazing personality that simply sparkles when you talk to her. Both OlympicView Arena and Lynnwood Ice Center are blessed to have her as a staff coach as her willingness and eagerness is contagious. As a Skating Director as well as a fellow coach, we are lucky to have Kim.

Patti Brinkley
WISA Figure Skating Director